the blooki project

a creative tool for authors

What is a blooki?

A Blooki is a tool for writers that is a combination of a blog, a wiki and a book. It is easy to use like a blog or wiki, but develops the structure of a book ready for online viewing, e-publishing or printing.

What can I use BLOOKI for?

You can use your Blooki for any creative writing project. It does not have to be fiction: it could be a textbook on a "pet subject" or anything about which you have specialist knowledge, or it could be personal or about your family or ancestors, perhaps something only of interest to your relatives or friends.

Creative writing is for everyone

Anyone who has something to say and produces written work can be regarded as a creative writer. There are many outlets for writing in the Internet age. Many writers use Weblogs (or “blogs”) to showcase their written work, both published and unpublished. Writers can use their blogs in order to get their work “out there” and reviewed, commented on, and perhaps even published. Blooki develops this idea even further by giving writers a tool to develop a piece of work with structure, provide helpful tools, and the means to distribute their work through the channels of the website itself, eBooks, desktop publishing, Print-on-demand publishing, and traditional publishing. EBook publishing and Print-on-demand can now be done at minimal cost. There has never been a greater range of opportunities for creative writers. Even writers with no ambition to be published may do so for the therapeutic value of creative writing.

What is the End Product?

You can certainly write your Blooki with the intention of either publishing or self-publishing the end product as a printed book. But print is not the only possible end product. Depending on what you want to achieve it may be more appropriate to produce an eBook that people can download, or even to just present the completed or evolving work as a well-structured website. If you just want your work to be read or made available this may well be the best solution. And of course you can always produce a printed version at some point in the future if there is a need for it.