the blooki project

a creative tool for authors

Getting Started

Configuring your site

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You can start adding content immediately if you want to, but we suggest you should initially do the following:

  • Sign In if you have not already done so
  • Customize the appearance of your Blooki by clicking on the Settings button and changing the theme and colour scheme to your preference
  • Change the Title and Subtitle of your site and other settings
  • Add your name as the Author and modify the Author Biography
  • Modify the names of the chapter titles - this will also give you an outline and framework for your Blooki. You can add or delete chapters as necessary
  • Replace the summary post of your Blooki from the general one in the Blooki starting site. The summary should explain why people should read your Blooki. This is the "blurb" as it would appear on the back cover of a book. It should be about 100-200 words long.
  • Once you have customized your Blooki are ready to begin writing. To create a new "post" click on the New Post menu item and enter your title and text.Donņt forget to select a category - this will associate it with a particular chapter. Leave the category blank to create a free-standing blog post that is not part of the structure of the Blooki content.


Modify the default chapter titles to create the top-level outline of your Blooki.

Update your author profile

Add an image for the author. The default is a silhouette with a question mark.

Add the author bibliography.

Author byline.